33141 - Infrared HeNe Laser, 1.52 µm, 1.0 mW, 500:1 Polarization

The 33141 Infrared HeNe Laser offers TEM00 mode output beam at 1.52 µm with 1.0 mW (minimum) of power. It has 500:1 linear polarization. Utilizing enhanced designs and superior optical components this laser delivers unsurpassed operational stability and lifetimes. The mirror quality and performances are optimized to result in the highest quality HeNe lasers available in the market. This high-performance IR laser is supported by a one-year warranty and is available off-the-shelf. CE compliant, Class 3B. The power supply is included.

  • 1.52 µm, 1.0mW
  • Optimized cavity mirror performance and quality
  • Excellent power and thermal stability due to robust tube design

1 Year Standard Warranty

Data Sheet

Due to increased market activity, REO HeNe products may have a lead time of up to 6 weeks ARO. Purchase today and REO will confirm the scheduled delivery of each item. Anticipated lead time may vary by SKU. For more information please contact henelasers@reoinc.com

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