14286 - OEM Stabilized Red HeNe System

Please note that this laser should be considered for OEM integration purposes only and should not be viewed as a standalone product.

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The 14286 OEM Frequency/Intensity Stabilized red Helium-Neon (HeNe) Laser utilizes all the benefits of the standard model, but offers the user a compact design in the tube housing and a controller board for easy OEM integration instead of a larger control box.

The Laser still uses a highly refined thermal compensation technique to provide an excellent balance of high output power and stability, low temperature sensitivity, and reliability. In intensity stabilized mode, the HeNe laser will operate as an output power reference, with the stability of < ±0.2% (1 hour), while in the frequency stabilized mode, frequency stability as low as < ±3 MHz can be obtained over an 8 hour period. The mirror quality and performances are optimized to result in the highest quality HeNe lasers available in the market. This high-performance laser is supported by a one-year warranty.

A proprietary design and manufacturing technology deliver a highly stabilized and quiet signal, immunity to ambient temperature drift and 1.5 mW (minimum) of clean, stable and reliable output power. The 14286 OEM frequency stability specifications include both a specified frequency range per time interval and per temperature interval. The short-term frequency stability of the Model 14286 makes it an excellent choice for interferometers with unequal arms. Intensity stability for surface texture characterization, velocimetry, scattering and polarization.

Power: >1.5mW

• Stable-frequency or stable-intensity operating mode

• Frequency drift 3 MHz maximum over 8 hours

• Intensity stability better than 0.2% over 1 hour

1 Year Standard Warranty

Data sheet & User Guide

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