30602 - Line-Tunable HeNe Laser, 543, 594, 604, 612, 633 nm, 500:1 Pol., 115V

The Line-Tunable HeNe Laser generates 500:1 linearly polarized outputs of five independent line selectable wavelengths: 543 nm, 594 nm, 604 nm, 612 nm, and 633 nm. Longitudinal mode frequency is approximately 428 MHz. Utilizing enhanced designs and superior optical components these HeNe lasers deliver unsurpassed operational stability and lifetimes. The mirror quality and performances are optimized to result in the highest quality HeNe lasers available in the market. The tunable HeNe laser product family offers a mode structure of TEM00 at all wavelengths. These high-performance lasers are supported by a one-year warranty and are available off-the-shelf.
Class 3B.

Power Levels (min) - Beam Diameter:
543 nm = 0.3mW - 0.71mm
594 nm = 0.6mW - 0.74mm
604 nm = 0.5mW - 0.75mm
612 nm = 2.5mW - 0.76mm
633 nm = 4.0mW - 0.77mm

The 115 VAC power supply is included.

• Tunable to 543, 594, 604, 612, and 633 nm wavelengths
• 500:1 polarized output
• Optimized cavity mirror performance and quality

1 Year Standard Warranty

Data Sheet

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